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January 2024




Seven RV Security Tips to Ensure Safe Camping logo

The CaraMaps provide real-time monitoring for anywhere you want to keep a record of going, especially for camping...

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How to Prepare for Your Next Campervan Trip logo

RV, motorhome, campervan or caravan? This kind of vehicle is very fashionable! To ensure your first family campervan road trip goes well, this article will offer some practical advice...

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Popular European RV website launches in the US  logo

Following its successful introduction in Europe in 2015, CaraMaps, a French collaborative website and mobile app dedicated to RVers, has come to the United States...

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British motorhome industry is moved into the social world logo

Staying on large campsites can become boring and repetitive, but eager explorers now have the chance to enjoy an authentic experience with a local host...

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Interactive Campsite Guide logo
Interactive Campsite Guide - 02 July 2017 - Paper press

Launched two months ago in Italy and Germany, the French startup CaraMaps has been a great success with European travelers. In short, it’s a website and app (for all devices), which helps you find a campsite...

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It's like Airbnb for motorhomes - Tourist intel to tap into  logo

A new app and website for motorcaravanners has been launched in the UK. CaraMaps is a collaborative tool (think Trip Advisor) that allows motorcaravaners to recommend sites, parking places...

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