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Svetlana K.
Member since 2 days
900 caras

added a picture on Camping Palapa Hostel

Luis F.
Member since 3 years
600 caras

added a picture on Parking Playa Atlanterra

Jose R.
Member since 4 years
800 caras

added a comment Spot Barbate

2 nights spent on this great spot, the view, the pretty hikes, everything is OK, even the very close road is not a problem at night (in January). But let's face it! We are in a national park, so normally forbidden to sleep there!!!
Svetlana K.
Member since 2 days
900 caras

added a comment Camping Palapa Hostel

Free parking on the land with ocean view. There is small shop and cafe just around. 400 m from the beach/surf spot. There is a water storage, so you can rinse yourself or wash the clothes. Playground for kids, basketball pitch in 100 m from the land.
Fritz G.
Member since 3 years
800 caras
Nadine J.
Member since 7 years
300 caras

added a comment Spot de Jean luc

thank you for the information
Kiki Mio K.
Member since 3 years
500 caras

added a picture on Parcheggio Marina di carrara

Anja van Kempen A.
Member since 2 months
200 caras

added a comment Spot de Fernando

This place no longer exists, it has become an info point, which you can no longer access
Bernard B.
Member since 2 years
400 caras

added a comment Aire de services Saint-Dié-des-Vosges

Not 20mn from the center 5mn
José Luis S.
Member since 11 months
200 caras

added a comment Parking Albarracín

We are in Albarracin, it would be a very nice town but very inhospitable with motorhomes, paid parking lots and overnight stays are prohibited. I guess it's part of the emptied Spain but it doesn't surprise me. The car park where you can spend the night is dark, secluded and isolated. I come from a town in the north called Cudillero where we don't have much space but we try to facilitate a pleasant stay for all tourists, and there are many of them.
Bernard M.
Member since 7 years
200 caras

added a comment Don Suero de Quiñones

Campsite mainly occupied by makeshift second homes based on caravans. A few small camper pitches. Cramped but well placed for one night and visiting Hospital de Orbigo, correct price (16 euros per night)
Cycy Et Marie T Semensatis C.
Member since 3 months
200 caras

added a comment Aire de services de Verosvres

here 63 Superb very clean motorhome area. Eight power outlets €5 for 24 hours the best!! Paved location. Warm welcome at the town hall for the tokens. Congratulations to the municipality, some big cities should follow the example.
Jose Maria R J.
Member since 3 months
200 caras

added a comment Área de servicios de Ciudad de Ronda

Good place to spend the night, guarded and with attentive staff.
Leire Montero L.
Member since 3 days
200 caras

added a comment Autocarping

AUTOCARPING in Ucieda, Cantabria. I recommend this humble private area to any "RV". It has all the services type bathrooms, shower, sink, 6 amp electricity socket. and water, loading/unloading of tanks, surveillance by the staff of the inn, public children's park, with a field to play, at the very door of the area, and best of all: the hospitality of the owner, Iñaki, who gives his best himself to help you with everything, and he is very involved with the children, and the food at the inn... is simply brutal. oh! And the amazing loaf of bread!! They offer many things in the restaurant, but I can only speak for what we ordered: grilled ribs and vegetable pizza. From 10!! Very, very rich. And dining by the fireplace in January is priceless. In a radius of 10 minutes by car you have many things to do and see, for example the natural monument of the Secuoyas de Cabezon de la Sal, the river under the Mazcuerras bridge, the Fuentona de Ruente, the house on the mountain from where they leave many incredible hiking trails, because the Saja Besaya nature reserve is of unparalleled beauty, and the icing on the cake: the Lamiña or Ursula waterfalls, which leave you breathless. Also 25 minutes away are 2 of the towns cataloged as the most beautiful in Spain: Carmona and Bárcena Mayor. But really all the towns in this area are beautiful and have a lot of charm. Here you are in luxury, a very quiet area in the middle of nature but close to the road to get anywhere quickly. I recommend it and give it 5 stars.
Michel Saralier M.
Member since 2 years
200 caras

added a picture on Parking La Vila Joiosa

Member since 5 days
200 caras

added a comment Àrea de servicios Ikea Murcia

Very convenient for visiting Murcia. Pleasant shopping center, many brands.
Camping E.
Member since 29 days
200 caras

added a picture on Camping El Pino

Alberto A.
Member since 2 months
200 caras

added a comment Área de servicios Bakio

Well located area near the beach. You need the Green Parking App. €6 low season and €12 high season. As they say from 18h to 18h per day. Highly recommended.
Christian P.
Member since 4 years
400 caras

added a comment Área de servicios Restaurante El Paisano

Great for one night. Very friendly owners.
Luis Latorre L.
Member since 7 months
200 caras

added a comment Playa Almardà

does not exist