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Francesco A.
Member since 2 months
200 caras

added a picture on Metaurilia di Fano

Andrea .
Member since 4 years
300 caras

added a picture on Area di sosta Plan de Gralba

Víctor m. Palacios Cuadrado V.
Member since 7 days
1 300 caras

added a comment Spot de Víctor m. Palacios Cuadrado

Free parking
Justyna M.
Member since 22 days
800 caras

added a comment Parcheggio Piombino

Beautiful parking with sea view and free beach. Quiet, also convenient for visiting the city center
Tennis henin T.
Member since 2 years
200 caras

added a comment Au fil des vignes

very nice and quiet place very pleasant hike in the vineyards. thank you to the owners for welcoming us to their property. magnificent view. a quality wine, you should not hesitate to buy. I recommend .
Andréa Delgado A.
Member since 8 days
400 caras

added a comment Bruno Reis' spot

Open. Perfect to spend the day (if the bins on the site are not overflowing everywhere ...)
Sandra B.
Member since 4 months
400 caras

added a comment Parking Roquetas de Mar

You can park, it is right on the promenade and we have not had problems of any kind ... we were even able to sleep.
Jean-Pierre Engels J.
Member since 2 years
400 caras

added a comment Parking Plouguerneau

great view
Jose J.
Member since 11 months
200 caras

added a comment Parking Pola de Somiedo

Plaque of the Town Hall that indicates that they love us, there is no alternative, neither private nor public area, therefore we decided to leave.
Helene Cronin H.
Member since 29 days
400 caras

added a comment Westport Quay Car Park

Lovely spot overlooking the water
Member since 2 days
200 caras

added a comment Da Francesco Sosta Camper

The place deserves .... THE LADY NO! VERY RUDE we booked, we arrived in the evening around 22, we did not have the place that was assigned to us only the following morning. therefore no water, no electricity and above all no space in the evening but only from the following morning. In the evening at 20 we left. HE ASKED ME 60 € !!! INSTEAD OF 22. I STRICTLY REFUSED AND WE HAVE AGREED € 45. HE MADE ME A RECEIPT FROM 36 AND I LEFT. Too bad, the place is really beautiful but the owner is a nightmare! I'm almost sorry for your husband too.
Juri R.
Member since 12 months
400 caras

added a comment Area di Sosta Laruccia

Calling it a rest area actually seems like an undeserved compliment! It is unloaded only after 9 pm, the toilet is unloaded in a company next to it that sells tiles, the area is bordered (right inside the area) by companies and small artisans who work and make noise already from 6 am, prepayment cash only (of course). Far from the center, far from the sea. If it were 10 euros, it could be used as a night stop, but 25 is absolutely meaningless. Sconsigliatissimo!
Danielle G.
Member since 2 years
200 caras

added a comment Aera di sosta Bergamo

closed until August 24, 2020
Jose P.
Member since 4 days
1 100 caras

added a comment Parking Gran Tarajal

very good site, a quiet place, easy access, close to everything, there is not much wind and there are usually more caravans and motorhomes
Rosario Basile R.
Member since 2 years
200 caras

added a comment Area sosta camper Campo delle Bandiere

Courtesy, friendliness and availability distinguish the managers of the structure. Very well cared for and well arranged with private access to the sea and all comfortable and practical services. The pitches are in a nice shady and cool area. At night you can sleep in peace with the security service. It is also the cheapest solution in the area without having to deprive yourself of anything. I will definitely be back.
Paolo R.
Member since 3 years
400 caras

added a comment Services Area Karlovy Vary

Nice equipped area, inside the hippodrome, the only problem being 3km from the center of Karlovy Vary.
Rmy Mnl R.
Member since 11 days
200 caras

added a comment Camping Municipal La Petite Cabane

Perfect for a short stay, it's pretty, it's quiet. flat on the emergency numbers, more electricity in the evening, unreachable people.
Berengere K.
Member since 2 days
500 caras

added a comment Spot de Berengere

Superb view of the Auvergne mountains. Attention difficult path to turn around. Only a site at the entrance available for motorhome. Otherwise more accessible for vans
Valerie M.
Member since 3 years
400 caras

added a comment Parking Nantes

Parking lot to avoid a lot of noise: noise of the road just behind, noise of the music of the karting opposite and the bad smells of sewer lift without forgetting the little clever people who come to check in the middle of the night (try to open the door of the camper van , shake it several times) if someone is in it just intending to fly? so very short night
Noemí F.
Member since 2 years
200 caras

added a comment Camping Arnia

simple, clean and quiet campsite with a very pleasant atmosphere l the receptionist is very friendly and there are spectacular beaches

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