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Nadia S.
Member since 3 days
200 caras

added a comment Aire Camping-Car Park de Saint-Gérons

Okay, everyone parks in any way, resulting in no electrical connection.
Luís R.
Member since 3 months
200 caras

added a comment Área de servicios de Colombres

Just what we needed.
Maite L.
Member since 2 years
200 caras

added a comment Area di sosta La Pineta

Very quiet area, close to the beach. Perfect to rest. Bread can be ordered daily.
Jose Lliso J.
Member since 3 years
200 caras

added a comment Parking Laredo

Asphalt parking, shade from noon, to be able to park either first thing in the morning or at dusk.
Valerio notari V.
Member since 19 days
500 caras

added a comment Agriturismo II Gelsomino Ritrovato

Very nice and well cleaned, helpful and kind manager
Didier Wuyts D.
Member since 2 years
200 caras

added a comment Camping Sol de Calpe Austral

Ashamed, no respect against the covid, to avoid no gel, swimming pool shower WC dirty, cockroach in sanitary path between cp after 10 p.m. a real ap7 at least 50 bike which shaves the cp at full speed until 2 a.m. to flee
Pierre V.
Member since 12 months
200 caras

added a comment Aire de services de La Mure

Parking in length parallel to the road does not allow the U-turn to exit with a large motorhome and a trailer you have to unhitch. The toll works there is a terminal which requires a credit card to open the barrier. Unfortunately the emptying being inside to only emptying you have to pay 5 € for 24 hours which is not a big sum but unfortunately encourages illegal emptying !! While in the region they are free !! Happy Holidays to all.
Vivou G.
Member since 10 months
300 caras

added a comment Aire de services de Molinet

Very pleasant stop, 5 m from the canal, where you will fish roach, catfish and sun perch ... On the other hand, the nearby road is quite busy from the first hours.
Pascal S.
Member since 2 years
800 caras

added a comment Spot de Pascal

Aven Orgnac cave parking lot WC + tables and benches available.
Pedro Manuel S.
Member since 3 months
1 100 caras

added a comment Camper Park Carboneras

When I arrived I verified that the toilets were very dirty, my wife commented that the women's toilets were fine, the boy cleaned them and the other times I've been they have been fine, you can see that I run into a dirty man early yesterday, the showers , 1 euro 5 minutes, but that counts very quickly, cold water, not icy but cold, it may be that for the hours that I shower, that they would have used up the water, be that as it may, bad management in the showers, the Rotten odors flooded the place, last night at 12 a truck came and spent an hour or more removing waste, I suppose it was a specific problem, and for the hours that the truck came, which had to come from the emergency room to solve it, to me it screwed up my first dream, but they are things that happen, today there is a lot of flies and there is a little color left, I suppose because of last night's operation and that throughout the day it will be solved, at 5 or 6 or so, some Party people screaming, laughing and disrespecting those of us who slept, from all the plots we heard c hillar SILENCE almost in unison, bad luck, respect is something that some do not know and it is not the fault of the owners such an incident, I also comment that since it is a protected park you cannot make a fire outside, people still used camping gas for the little ones and nobody caught their attention, surely you can't barbecues, I took out the electric iron and made myself a pair of kilicos of lamb, now I will have 3 ribs with which I could not last night, the pool, between the fact that I am deaf and I do not know anything and the owner's accent, it is not Spanish, I do not understand it, I have seen myself black to clarify , but come on, there aren't any on weekends, if I see his wife I'll ask her again, that she is Spanish and I clarify better, I have to say that both of them are very attentive and very hard-working, friendly and attentive to everything Laundromat I have not used it, but I have entered and everything looks new and correct, the store, well it is not a store, 4 things for an emergency at exorbitant prices, mainly what screwed me is the happy beer, the trivalent does not cool me for drink the ice cold beer, stop the food yes, I put one of buy sor from an Iveco truck and it can't start the compressor, possibly because it was 24v and I switched it to 12v, in most of the bars hot and in the Camper park store, 1.50 the boat and hot. I think it was bad luck, if I go back I will review the opinion.
John D.
Member since 4 days
400 caras

added a comment John's spot

Lovely place nice and quiet. No club house but a games room.
Pascal Dupont P.
Member since 3 months
400 caras

added a comment Spot de Pascal Dupont

7 places to sleep quietly passing through.
Nati F.
Member since 1 day
400 caras

added a comment Spot de Nati

It is a private area that costs 12 euros 24 hours, electricity is 5 euros. It has gray water drainage and water filling. A small sink to wash dishes, does not have a shower service. The worst thing is the steep terrain, no matter how much chock you put, there is no way to level the car. Close to the beach, the supermarket and bars.
Bertrand T.
Member since 2 months
200 caras

added a comment Aire de services Saint-Amour

Quiet service area near an old wash house. No blue water emptying or filling just a waste water drain access.
Jean-jose Martinez J.
Member since 2 days
800 caras

added a comment Spot de Jean-jose Martinez

Rest area with picnic tables provide wedges sloping ground beautiful panorama mountain view
Lorena Ravalli L.
Member since 3 months
300 caras

added a comment Parcheggio Seminario

the current is there, you have to ask the keeper
Bernard B.
Member since 10 months
1 100 caras

added a comment Aire de services Jaligny-sur-Besbre

Thank you to the municipality for this clean and free area. Quiet night ...
Rita .
Member since 5 days
1 000 caras

added a comment Parking Bern

Ótimo lugar, silencioso e tem lugar pata autocaravanas. Tem que pagar, mas em Bern são poucas os lugares para pernoitar próximo à cidade.
Rita .
Member since 5 days
1 000 caras

added a picture on Parking Bern

Eduardo L.
Member since 3 months
200 caras

added a picture on Área di servicios Tarifa

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