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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is CaraMaps ?

CaraMaps represents a unique and new experience !
Travelers are beginning to look for new ways, more authentic, to travel and want to discover local traditions. They want to learn more about the culture of the places they visit and meet locals in a friendly environment.
Many locals also wish to meet these strangers and make them live a wonderful experience or simply share and live their culture
This is where CaraMaps comes in: It is a platform where locals and travelers can meet to live an exclusive experience.

Who is behind CaraMaps ?

CaraMaps team, is composed of three friends with three different passions: RVs, new technology and collaborative consumption. For more information about the team go on our team presentation page.

Why CaraMaps ?

We created CaraMaps because we intend to use it both as a traveler and a host.
Also it was during our different RV's trips that we imagine a unique solution to all our traveling problems : outdated paper guides, full parking, mismatched sites, various means of payment ... With CaraMaps, we think we can make the RV travel more accessible so that everyone can enjoy this unique, fantastic and magical way of travelling.

How it works ?

CaraMaps is a passionnate community who want to stay on private property or meet travelers from all around the world.
For example, if you are a RV traveler, you simply need to create an account, look for a place to stay around your position or one that you like and then book, pay and enjoy !
If you want to host some travelers and benefit for a new income, create your account, then add on a new area, complete your conditions, add on some pictures, answer to booking reservations, accept when you are ready and share good moments ! During the stay, do not hesitate to ask some question, listen, learn and more over have good times !

Who can subscribe on CaraMaps ?

Anyone passionate of motorhome, travel and tourism ! Be open to new experiences and a spirit of sharing with the community.

CaraMaps is it only for travelers ?

No, CaraMaps is not only a platform for travelers. Indeed, the aim is to bring together on a single tool all the industry's players, structure's owners and stores' owners.

Is it legal ? Can I earn money through CaraMaps ?

To host travelers on its land is perfectly legal.
For more information on these regulations we recommend you reading the article on our blog. You can invite them to share your garden and, in compensation, you can apply for a contribution that will cover your expenses. Depending on your country of residence, it is possible that you have to declare this money, we advise you to check it to comply with the law.

How much CaraMaps costs ?

CaraMaps' inscription is totally free for both travelers and hosts. Travelers using the reservation and payment system for the CaraMaps experience, including parking, services and hospilaty cost. They will pay a 15% commission with 1€ minimum (in addition to the price set by the host). Remember to be open about these new experiences: there is an important difference between being welcomed by a CaraMaps host and stay on a campsite.

How are prices determined ?

The host chooses himself the contribution he wants to ask its participants. This contribution includes the price of services and the price at which the host believes his hospitality can be valued. CaraMaps adds a 15% commission with 1 € minimum on the price set by the host.

Is the payment system secure ?

The payment system is completely secure, because we have only one partner, CM-CIC payment. You can find more information on the subject in the section Terms of Use.

What the host and the traveler should they discuss before a stay ?

The host and the traveler need to resolve all technical details before the first day. These details include the way to get to the hosting place, the specificities of the reception, or any other questions you may have.

Do I need to validate my email address and my phone number ?

Your data is important to us, we might need it to contact you in case a traveler / hoster wants to contact you. If you provide false information, we would not be able to warn you....
Moreover participants will trust a host if all your information have been check, especially phone number.

Why am I asked for my address ?

You must provide us your full address if you are willing to be a host. We will only share this information with participants who had booked to stay at your home.

Why do you ask me to login my social networks accounts to CaraMaps ?

There are two interests to connect your CaraMaps' profile to your social networks accounts:
- First, it will make you more trustworthy in the eyes of the participants when they look at your profile.
- Secondly, this will also show to participants the interests they have in common with you (if they have also connected their CaraMaps profile in social networks).

What information do I need to send to a traveler ?

The ones you want to share. If a traveler ask you lots of questions, answer it, it's always nice to get comfortable with a traveler. If you complete enough your profile and you cordially answer to messages of participants, this should certainly encourage them to come and stay at your home.

How to decide about the number of travelers ?

The maximum is fixed at 6 motorhomes, according to French regulations. For more information on this, please visit our blog. Invite only the number of participants that you feel comfortable receiving. And thanks to the reservations system, you can control the flow of travelers who come to your home.

How to decide the hosting price ?

First, you must determine what you will spend for the necessary host services (land, water, electricity, wifi...). Once you have calculated the contribution, you can keep this price or if you want to make a small profit, you can add it to the price. Keep in mind that if your host offer is too expensive, you will receive fewer participants ! Make sure that the contribution requested is reasonable compared to what you offer.

Why do we have to pay online ?

To ensure more security to our hosts, the payment is done online. This will allow you to control the passenger flow, availability and confidentiality of your informations. Also through this online payment system you are guaranteed to receive your additional income.

How and when do I get paid ?

When you create your ad you need to apply a contribution for the services you offer. You are free to choose the price you want. CaraMaps transfer the money to your own bank account within 6 working days after the end of the stay.

Can I refuse a reservation request ?

Yes. You are not required to accept all reservation requests. However, we encourage you to talk with the participant to explain why you are not able to accept the booking request this time.

Am I still getting paid if my participants do not come ?

If the traveler has not canceled his reservation 48 hours before the scheduled date, you will be paid.

As a traveler, do I need to bring something ?

Since you have already paid for the stay, you do not need to bring anything. If you want to bring something, please bring a specialty of your town, because community members are mostly thirst for discovery.

What am I paying for ?

You pay for the CaraMaps experience. This experience included your selected services' price and your host's hospitality. You also pay a commission of 15% or € 1 minimum to CaraMaps. Remember to be open about these new experiences: there is an important difference between being welcomed by a host and staying in a camping.

How to protect me as a traveler ?

For CaraMaps, your safety is enormously important to us, that is why we have ensured that you and your data are protected. You can also ensure your safety :

- Look on the host profile if he did check his email address, telephone number and connected social networks to his profile.
- Look at the pictures added by the host to get an idea of the type of reception it offers.
- Exchange messages through CaraMaps before booking your stay.
- Read the comments of travelers who have already stayed there.

If the profile of the person with whom you want to go stay does not contain much information, please check with the host.

How can I cancel my reservation ?

We understand that changes could happen at the last minute or any emergency occur. If you want to cancel a reservation, you should contact CaraMaps at least 48h before your stay. We would contact the host to make sure he is not blocked because of you. If you do not cancel your reservation in the due time and do not stay at your reservation, you will not be refund.

What should I write in a reservation request ?

When you make a reservation request to a potential host, we could advice you to share some information that could make your host more than welcome. Such as your interests, hobbies and what bring you in town !