Valencia is a municipality and Spanish town and at the same time the capital of the Region of Valencia and of the paella... Valencia is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona.

The former (architecture) and the modern coexist together in the city for the great pleasure of all tourists. Valencia has an amazing historical center with a beautiful cathedral (former Mosque), a Lonja (silk merchants), World Heritage monument of UNESCO.

It also has a very important historical and cultural heritage with theaters, cinemas, museums (known as the City of Arts and Sciences... that make the city a place of commerce and still active culture).

As for its location, Valencia offers with a beautiful sand and beautiful blue water make the Valencian coast a place of attraction, charm and fun for both locals and tourists.

If you want to enjoy the weather and beaches, this is the place to go on a trip with your motorhome. The best time to go is between May and September.

However, you can visit Valencia every day of the year. For example, in March, discover las Fallas, which are four festival days (tradition of the Community of Valencia). Or, in April-May, for Easter Holy Week.

So if you want to experience Las Fallas and eat a good paella, you know where to start your trip.

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