Located in the community of the Basque Country, Alava is one of the provinces of Spain. With the city of Vitoria as capital, the largest province of the region is the one of the Basque Country.

In the capital, it is necessary to visit the Cathedral of Santa María de Vitoria. In addition to the cathedral, the city also has a rich historical and cultural heritage with several places of interest including churches, convents, cathedrals, shrines, palaces, fortifications. For example, the Church of Saint Peter the Apostle, the Cathedral of Mary Immaculate and the medieval wall of Alava.

Thanks to its proximity to the Cantabrian Sea, the province of Alava has a rich gastronomy in terms of fish and seafood. At the same time, as it is an interior province it differs from other provinces of the Basque Country for its delicious dishes of vegetables and meat.

For motorhome drivers who enjoy natural and green areas, this is the perfect place, mainly by the beauty of its nature and the practice of outdoor sports.

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