Germany lies in the heart of Europe and is surrounded by 9 neighboring countries: Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Camping is extremely popular across the country, so the range of campsites and motorhome places is very numerous. Did you know, for example, that the caravan was invented in Germany?

Whether in summer or winter, many pitches are open all year round. If you want to visit cities, it is usually advisable to park the motorhome outside and use the well-developed network of local public transport.

Between the Alps and the Baltic and North Seas, Germany has a lot to offer as a holiday destination. Let's go in motorhome and discover historical cities, romantic castles and magnificent palaces. Immerge yourself in the creative art and culture scene of modern cities such as Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne. Let yourself be seduced by breathtaking natural landscapes while hiking or cycling (and leave your motorhome park correctly in a services area).

The German holiday routes are particularly interesting for those traveling by motorhome. The tourist itineraries are dedicated to one topic and lead to various sights, the Romantic Road, the Wine Road, the Fairy Tale Road, the Castle Road and the German Alpine Road are particularly popular. Tip: There are a large number of restaurants and inns along the routes. Stop in, enjoy the hospitality and try the local culinary specialties surging your motorhome travel in Germany!

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