The ?Territory of Belfort

The ?Territory of Belfort

The territory of Belfort, is located between the Vosges and Jura, near the Alsace, Switzerland and Germany. The capital of the territory is Belfort.

Belfort represents :

- A rich heritage: the Lion, the citadel, the old city, the fortifications, walls.

- Exceptional natural sites: the massif of the Ballon d'Alsace, the natural site of Malsaucy....

- A gastronomy mixing culinary traditions.

Moreover, you can visit the Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut (piece of work of Le Corbusier), the large balloon (highest point of the Vosges Mountains), the plateau of a thousand lakes, the collegiate church of Thann, the Lake of Malsaucy and the battlefield of the Old-Armand.

A few kilometers away, you can discover Montbeliard, the fort of Dorsner, the Sundgau of Belfort and the route of flowers...

Do not hesitate, let's go on the road!

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