The Somme is located in the north of France, above the french capital but below the Nord-Pas de Calais. Its administrative capital is Amiens and has nearly 55,000 inhabitants.

This department is very rich as regards to its natural, historical and cultural heritage that is why it attracts many visitors each year.

The Picardy coast is dotted with resorts, beaches and cliffs... The famous Somme Bay is one of the preserved natural areas of the department. It is also a favorite destination for wild birds for the great pleasure of the nature and coastline lovers.

If you are fond of photography you will enjoy this department!

You can visit the many Gothic buildings, the Cathedral of Amiens, and monuments like Fontaine-sur-Somme, Abbeville, Saint Riquier, Auxy-le-Château and Rue Somme. This architectural diversity will satisfy lovers of religious architecture. Not to mention the wonderful gardens of Valloires, the castle of Rambures or the Somme valley and its peaceful ponds.

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