The Loire-Atlantique is among the countries of the Loire, going up to French Brittany. The administrative capital is Nantes and the city was considered as «the most pleasant city in Europe» according to the «Time».

Many parks, historical monuments, a rich cultural heritage and world-known events and festivities, seduce and attract thousands of tourists each year from all around the world.

Places that you absolutely have to visit in Nantes:

- The Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul (vestiges of the Romanesque building in the crypt).

- The street of Crébillon located in the city center, from 1828, is typical of the nineteenth century.

- The castle of the Dukes of Brittany, also in the city center, it is a rich place in history.

- The «Museum Dorbée» which offers a collection of works from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.

- The «Museum Jules Verne», the «Museum of Fine Arts in Nantes» and «Natural History Museum of Nantes».

You can also visit the castles of Chateaubriand and Clisson.

The geography of this department provides very little relief, marshes and lakes abound in the interior. The city of Saint Nazaire is in full development and its complex port/city became increasingly attractive..

You can make a stroll in the department and visit the beautiful villages of the country of Ancenis at the gates of Anjou, the country of Nantais and its vineyards, Retz, Guérande, Chateaubriand and the natural park of Brière.

Have a nice trip!

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