The Isère is located in the south-east of France, in the alpine region, between the Alps and the Rhone Valley. Its administrative capital is in Grenoble.

The natural and cultural heritage is very rich: beautiful mountains landscapes (Chartreuse, Vercors, Belledonne, Trièves, Oisans) and Isère has many lakes in the isolated areas of the mountains, great for water sports and walking activities.

You can make a stroll in the regional park of Chartreuse, the one of the Vercors or of the Ecrins. This destination is absolutely perfect for nature lovers and lovers of entertainments and outdoor activities.

The Isère has many little villages with authentic characters and a rich heritage. This department is renowned mainly for its ski resorts, which attracts many tourists in winter, coming from all over France but we also from foreign countries...

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