The Haute-Vienne is located in west central France. Its prefecture is the city of Limoges, which currently records more than 135 000 inhabitants.

From the peaceful and rural landscapes, ponds and groves of the Basse-Marche to the Monts de Blond and Ambazac, through the valley of the Vienna... The Haute-Vienne is decidedly a perfect destination for resting and tourism. It is also an important architectural and artistic heritage which is provided through its Romanesque religious buildings, its castles, its medieval cities and its huge and old porcelain tradition.

Moreover, you can discover the castle of Chalus-Chabrol, one of Rochechouart, the Solignac abbey and the village of Mortmart. You absolutely have to stop for a moment in a porcelain shop, beaches the quality oh the porcelain of Limoges is known internationally.

You can visit the collegiate of Dorat, the destructed site of Oradour-Sur-Glane (place of war memory from 1939-1945), and enjoy a little sunshine to stroll around Lake Vassivière.

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