The Ardèche is located in the center-south of France.

The plateau of the Ardèche river reveals some dolmens and menhirs (from the Celtic period). This large canyon attracts many canoe kayakers every year, and you can see many caves dotting these cliffs...

What are these caves? Prehistoric dwellings! Flint arrows and knives are often found here. In your trip, you can discover the famous cave Chaveut and paintings at Pont d'Arc.

In this territory, we find different types of landscapes:

- The mountains: Plateau of Haut-Viverais, the Cevennes, ...

- Le Bas-Viverais: Country of the vine, maquis, cereals and fruits (Aubenas and Joyeuse)

- The Plateau de la Coirons: Surrounded by many mountains and valleys (Ouvèze, la Payre, Escoutay, Escrinet, Vesseaux)

This department is famous throughout the world for its "spots" (rivers and streams), to the delight of travelers.

Enjoy your trip in Ardèche in motorhome!

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